This course on animal faces is for all ages. Every artist will be able to put their own spin on it, and take out of it what they like. I am here to show you how to plan, and funk up your art so that you can feel even better about your art, quickly!

Pause, go back, do over, communicate with your teacher by posting your art right inside each lesson.

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What People Are Saying

"2 months passed she drew every weekday as promised and was really comfortable drawing. She spends 1 to 2 hours drawing. She really likes you. I didn't force her to study, she actively learns with you."  

Tracy Nguyen, Auckland, NZ

"Kim's lessons are great for all ages. My 6 year old loves getting Kims feedback, she is very encouraging and uplifting. You can achieve fantastic looking art with very little set up costs. Many thanks Kim, have just signed up for more :)" Arna Stevenson, Hamilton NZ

"Thank you so much for sharing the secrets of your awesome teaching via video, Kim.  I have been following you for a while, and tried local art classes for my son, but nothing compares to what you offer. He loves sending you photos of his work and getting your quick response, even though we are on the other side of the world."

Chantal Wilson, Toronto, Canada

"Kim, you blow me away with what you've done for my son's confidence! Before we found you he was a real perfectionist and would get very upset when his drawings did not turn out like a picture of the animal he was looking at. Thank you so very very much for showing him how to love drawing and think like a real artist! You replying to him meant the world to him too, so thank you again!"  Kristin Walters, Melbourne, Australia

"Took an online class from All Smilez Art School at the beginning of the year, really loved it. Art has been very foreign to me growing up, I really enjoyed the class. Kim was really encouraging, sincere and truly believes that everyone is an artist. The course was the perfect balance of practical and creative, definitely made me want to do more arts! I couldnt believe that I managed to do some beautiful paintings too - my art skill was previously -10! hahaha! Well done, Kim!" Pamella Ariestia, Hamilton NZ

Course curriculum

    1. ✏️ How to log back into your All Smilez course

    2. ✏️ What is All Smilez Art School?

    3. ✏️ Kim talks about what you need for this course

    1. ⭐ How to look, copy, and plan your drawing

    2. ⭐Experiment with different art supplies on lots of little cats

    1. Let's look at animal eyes

    2. ⭐⭐Experiment by drawing just eyes

    1. 🐰 Bunny

    2. 🦊 Fox

    3. 🦒 Giraffe

    4. 🦁 Lion

    5. 🦉 Owl

    6. 🦌 Deer

    7. 🐱 Cat

    8. 🐯 Drawing a Tiger face

    9. 🐯 Painting your Tiger face

    10. 🐭 Mouse full body

    11. 🐶 Dog

    12. NEW animal-person

    1. Optional Help From Kim

About this course

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  • 20 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content

Learn Animal Faces in 77 days

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